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Lush group.

The Lush Group

Featuring the “unstoppable” husband and wife duo of Tristan and Loren Lush of @LushRE for @compass. Tristan & Loren both had successful careers in professional hockey and fashion respectively before joining forces to become two of the #TopProducers from The Andovers ➡️ Boston. This duo offers their unique perspective that this business can be a grind, you need to use your network and it can feel like “a long game” at times but the rewards of seeing happy clients are worth it. 🏡
We dive in to how these two met, how their “yin and yang” style works for clients, and biggest pet peeves. This episode will be entertaining, offer some incredible tips and have some humor along the way. If you aren’t following @LushRE on social, what are you waiting for!? ✨ Subscribe/Listen in! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #thelushgroup #closewithtouchstone

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