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When Your Clients Close with Touchstone

We always focus special attention on these very important ideals. We:

  • Guide your client throughout the entire closing process.
  • Gather and prepare all documents.
  • Answer all client questions and concerns at any time; before, during and after the closing.
  • Coordinate the final closing.

You’ll spend less time being the intermediary between your client and the closing agent. And you’ll spend more time selling your next property.

Testimonials – Reviews speak for themselves. You’ll see that Touchstone is the highest rated real estate law firm in New England.

Communication – Touchstone keeps everyone in the communication loop. We’ll inform of all transaction status updates to lenders, realtors, and clients – buyers & sellers.

Accountability – All of the money for the transaction will be managed with honesty and transparency.

As a successful real estate salesperson, you have a team that you lean on to further your sales goals. You may have a professional stager, photographer, appraiser, inspector, etc. -all to assist you in completing transactions and demonstrating professionalism. Possibly the most important member you can add to your team is a reputable, consistent real estate closing law firm such as Touchstone.

When you add Touchstone to your team of professionals, you add a part to the closing machine. When you have a solid closing machine, by the time that the next offer is accepted, all you have to do is push the start button. And your closing gets done. On-time.

Executing a seamless transaction for you and your customer is our goal.

Touchstone is ready to close your residential or commercial purchase or sale.

RESPA Trained Conveyancing Attorney

Our conveyancing attorneys are RESPA – trained and qualified to keep you up to date on the most recent changes which will affect your deals.

Consider Touchstone your Quarterback, Point Guard and Batter all wrapped in one, ready to score your next deal. Are you ready to start winning?

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