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Debbie Carusi Showcase v2.

Debbie Carusi

Season 2: Episode 28 featuring North Andover’s #1 agent in 2020: @debbiecarusi of @coldwellbankerandover. Debbie jumped into real estate back in 2015 and she’s a testament that hard work pays off. Her advice to new agents… you will never stop learning in this business and there is a lot to learn from your seasoned colleagues!

Debbie is a skilled communicator and stands behind… you can’t text your way through a transaction. We dive into how she got her start including those early years, biggest pet peeves (both personally & professionally), top ice cream spots in the area and so much more. Debbie is a class act and we’re so happy she’s our neighbor here on Main St. in downtown Andover.  Subscribe/Listen in! #touchstoneshowcase #podcast #realestate #debbiecarusi #closewithtouchstone