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Mr. O’Donohue,

I felt compelled to respond to you directly. I felt so strongly about my treatment at the hands of your law offices that a personal note was warranted.

What a wonderful experience! Anne initially was great in nailing me down, due to what I believe was pressure from the bank to get this thing closed. She was polite and accommodating.

Then David, coming all the way out to our home to get this done. It was a pleasant time in our home with, dare I say, a great young man. My wife and I could not stop “advising” him on life. As our son is 16, we talked after his departure on how we could only hope he turns out as sorted as David. He was organized, patient, knowledgeable and put up with my life stories (no small task for young folks these days).

Thank you for both Anne and David, and your firm as a whole.