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  1. You’ll get the financial information a few days beforehand from your lender
    • This document will have all of the numbers and figures you can expect on the settlement statement.
    • Familiarize yourself with the figures before closing day so you’re prepared.
  1. Final walk-through of the house with your realtor
    • This usually happens on the morning before your closing.
    • You’ll determine at that time if home is in acceptable condition for sale.
  1. Go to closing attorney’s office or local Registry of Deeds
    • Review paperwork with your attorney, resolve any questions or concerns. Plan a few hours for this process as it can be time consuming—some closing documents can exceed 100 pages!
    • Get ready to sign your name. A LOT.
    • Once the transaction is complete, the documents are all signed, sellers have met obligations, and everyone is nursing their sore writing hands, the documents will be submitted in person (if you’re already at the Registry) or electronically.
    • Once the documents are a matter of public record, the house is officially yours!

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