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Person + Person Group

#TouchstoneShowcase Season 4, Episode 5 featuring another mother/daughter duo… Dolores and Rachel Person of Person + Person Group.
When Dolores entered the industry she thought it would be temporary and she fell in love with all of it including the highs & lows of the industry. Rachel’s journey started with attending art school and she brings her creativity to her real estate career every day. In fact, the digital creativity these two have used over the years has set their business apart. With Dolores showcasing the history of Newburyport and Rachel tackling some controversial (and funny) topics and taking risks on a variety of social platforms – these two are a must follow!

What also differentiates Person + Person is the concierge approach to customer service. Dolores built her brokerage on two main principles: integrity and customer service. Having her daughter join the team was a natural fit as she is like minded in that approach. Rachel notes her patience and follow up with all her prospective buyers and sellers is something you truly can’t put a price tag on. Their humor, connection and trust in one another is pretty special.

Who is the first one to bring up work over dinner or on vacation? And what are their favorite spots in Newburyport, MA. You’ve got to listen in for more!
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