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Cormier Sisters Podcast v2.

Mackenzie & Leah Cormier

Touchstone Showcase Season 5, Episode 2.. with @the_cormiersisters!
Mackenzie and Leah Cormier are agents on the Lucci Team that are redefining real estate. The sisters grew up in a family of real estate developers with a work hard work ethic. Mackenzie gave LA a shot but found her way back to Boston and learning from the exceptional Deb Lucci. Leah watched her sister learning the industry but wanted to try a slightly different path and aligned with powerhouse Samantha Stumpo before ultimately joining the #lucciteam as well.

This sister duo knows the power of a family business and while they handle certain listings solo they also know when two can be better than one. These social media savvy sisters are learning from each other everyday and have a mutual goal of helping as many people as possible. They are taking risks on social media, sharing inspo on their strategy and seem to be aligned when it comes to best vacation spots. Subscribe/ listen in for more!

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