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Partner Company: Touchstone Law Offices, LLC
Chrissy B.

Christine Bernardini

The Touchstone Showcase featuring our first female partner at Touchstone… @chrissyb8 aka Attorney Christine Bernardini.

She started her legal career working summer jobs for a law firm during her undergraduate work at Bentley University. She spent invaluable time as a title examiner, paralegal and then ran her own successful practice for 17 years before joining Touchstone in 2020. By day she is #closing deals and by early morning or evening running her other true love – also a career fueled by helping people – a CrossFit gym in North Andover.

Chrissy always over delivers and her client relationships (or friendships) are built on honesty, wanting to get the deal closed and all parties enjoying what they do. We dive into some fun stuff too. What keeps Chrissy up at night? How does she handle that? What stations is she listening to on the regular.. and favorite restaurant locally (that is bulldog friendly, of course.) Subscribe/listen in. This is a fun one!

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