Daylight Savings Time Facts with Jack: Ben Franklin was a genius.

March 12, 2017
Jack O'Donohue
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Here at Touchstone Closing, we care about you and your punctuality. So here’s a helpful reminder about everyone’s most annoying and easy-to-forget “holiday,” Daylight Savings Time.

1. Only about 70 countries observe DST

But 65 countries used to observe Daylight Savings Time, in part or in whole, but no longer do.

Daylight Savings Countries, as of 2017.

Interestingly, the years during which many of these 65 other countries used DST coincide with either WWI, WWII, or the Cold War (it’s actually the Energy Crisis of the 1970s, but that’s related to the Cold War, so you get the idea).

No historians were contacted in the making of this video.

2. Equator nations don’t need to save daylight

Notice anything about that map above?

Here it is again, this time with the equator drawn in:

Daylight Savings Countries 2017, Equator.

Only a handful of equator countries ever used DST, and only in South American. And none do today.

The largest reason for that is that when you live near the equator, the daylight is much more consistent and does not require any saving!

3. It was Ben Franklin’s idea, and he was joking.

Ben Franklin proposed a form of daylight time in 1784. He wrote a letter to the editor of The Journal of Paris, suggesting, somewhat jokingly, that Parisians could save money on candle usage by getting people out of bed earlier in the morning, making use of the natural morning light instead.

He called his letter “An Economical Project for Diminishing the Cost of Light.” And 132 years later, the Germans finally took him up on it.

The German Empire and Austria-Hungary organized the first nationwide implementation, starting on April 30, 1916.

Thanks, Ben. You’ve been making us an hour late for work once or twice a year ever since.

Happy Daylight Savings Time!

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